Measure K



Below is the list of the prequalified Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing contractors after the review of the submitted packages:

  • Pacific Power & Systems

  • Sac Valley Electric

  • Garrahan Electric

  • SNP Electric

  • Gray Electric

  • Indoor Environmental Services

  • Intech Mechanical Company

  • Alessandro Electric

  • Vanden Bos Electric

  • KS Plumbing

  • Studebaker Brown Electric

  • Capitol Valley Electric

  • DKM Heating and Air Conditioning

  • Royal Electric

  • McGuire and Hester

  • Hangtown Electric dba Mr. Electric of Rancho Cordova

  • Ski Air Inc.

  • Marquee Fire Protection



Pinewood ES Multi-purpose Modernization - Applications, Exhibits and RFQ

About Measure K

Thanks to our generous community support, Measure K, a Proposition 39 general obligation bond, was approved by the voters residing within the boundaries of Pollock Pines Elementary School District (PPESD) on June 5, 2012, with 61.87% approval. Passage of the Measure authorized the District to issue $9,000,000 in bonds. The improvements from this bond will be completed to serve the students in grades K-8 at Pinewood Elementary, Sierra Ridge Middle School, and Emigrant Trail Educational Center.

The question on the ballot of Measure K was:  "To improve the quality of local education, make health, safety/handicapped accessibility improvements, improve energy efficiency, modernize outdated classrooms, restrooms/libraries, replace temporary portables with permanent classrooms, replace outdated heating, ventilation/air conditioning systems, improve technology, upgrade electrical systems, shall Pollock Pines Elementary School District acquire, construct, repair, equip school facilities/sites by issuing $9,000,000 of bonds at legal rates, with independent citizens' oversight and NO money used for administrative or teacher salaries or be taken by the State?"